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Joanne Bozeman

Joanne is passionate about this book because of her love for singers and her own rough go with her voice during perimenopause and early menopause. She was an active singer and experienced voice teacher at Lawrence University but still didn't have the answers she needed. She did substantial research, which she combined with her knowledge of the female reproductive system from having been a certified childbirth and prenatal educator.

Through researching and writing this book, Joanne has come to appreciate that the menopausal transition is far more than a set of symptoms attached to a shift in hormones. It’s a unique, sometimes untidy socio-physiological-psychological metamorphosis for women. For singers, the voice is often a crucial part of that metamorphosis. Joanne believes that typical research studies, though valuable, do not adequately explore and explain the multi-layered, everyday experiences of women. Individual stories do. 

You can read more about Joanne on the Lawrence University site.


Nancy Bos

Nancy has an ardent need to help everyone find joy in singing.  She feels strongly that it is an essential part of being human, and can't stop just because a person is struggling. Nancy has reached out to help singers in all of her books and her Every Sing podcast. As a voice teacher for 23 years, she has helped thousands of singers on their journeys. But it wasn't until she herself was clearly headed into menopause and realizing how many unanswered questions she had about changes to her singing that she discovered the answers simply weren't available.

Nancy knew that by helping answer those questions she could help all women continue to find joy and renewal from singing. Through conversations with her two friends, Cate and Joanne, they quickly identified that the three of them combined have special skills to finally help women with an invaluable resource.

You can learn more about Nancy on LinkedIn.


Cate Frazier-Neely


 Cate’s burning interest in connecting health and wellness with singing has lasted for 40 years of teaching. During her own severe hormonal and vocal journeys, she realized that finding solutions and management strategies wasn’t possible with what was available.  

She decided to change her worldview by learning to listen to what her body was trying to tell her rather than perceiving it as a rag tied to the end of consciousness.

 In her professional life, Cate has had a successful career as a soloist, published composer, choral conductor, and a highly sought after voice teacher. She founded a community women's chorus to serve women going through their own midlife and aging changes.

Cate is deeply curious about the connections being made among psychology, neurology and endocrinology, or, as some spiritual paths teach, “the interweaving of our thoughts, emotions and physical bodies.” 

You can read more at www.CateFNStudios.com