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Singing 101: Vocal Basics and Fundamental Singing Skills for All Styles and Abilities

Singing 101 by Nancy Bos

Singing 101 is the fastest way to build the fundamental skills to learn how to sing. The book empowers the singer with knowledge, deep understanding, singing tips, and practical application through exercises and techniques. Available on Amazon

The Teen Girl's Singing Guide: Tips for Making Singing the Focus of Your Life

The Teen Girl's Singing Guide by Nancy Bos

Nancy Bos speaks real to teen girls about how to BE a singer. This illustrated book and journal lets teens explore all of the options including (and way beyond) being a pop star or professional singer. Available on Amazon

Cantar 101: Principios vocales y destrezas fundamentales de canto

Cantar 101 by Nancy Bos

Este libro en español es una traducción exacta del libro de inglés 101. Ideal para cantantes, maestros y directores de coros. en Amazon y Amazon Mexico.

This Spanish language book is an exact translation of the English 101 book. Great for singers, teachers and choir directors.

Singer's Practice Plan, Log, and Journal


Singer's Practice Plan, Log, and Journal is the only affordable and commercially available planner created specifically for singing students. Take a look inside the book, and take advantage of bulk order pricing, at It is also available on Amazon

Dire Wolf by Dan Bos

Dire Wolf by Dan Bos

Dire Wolf. written by Nancy’s brother, audiobook is narrated and produced by Nancy. The story of an orphan girl from Africa who has the opportunity to change the world.  But first she needs to rescue her orphanage from the grasp of the evil megalomaniac Duncan Christianson. Available on Amazon.



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