StudioBos Publishing


StudioBos Publishing publishes books, e-books, and audiobooks for Nancy Bos and others. Contact Nancy to get your singing related book published, or to narrator your book for Audible.

Dire Wolf by Dan Bos

A story of a young girl that has the potential to change the world.  But first she needs to rescue her orphanage sisters from the grasp of the evil megalomaniac Duncan Christianson. Available on Amazon, Kindle, and Audiobook (narrated by Nancy Bos).

The Teen Girl's Singing Guide

Nancy Bos speaks real to teen girls about how to BE a singer. This illustrated book and journal lets teens explore all of the options including (and way beyond) being a pop star or professional singer. Available on Amazon

Beginning Voice Over: Natalie Lane's Journey to Becoming a Voiceover Actor

In this fun autobiographical book, Nancy, under the nom de plume Natalie Lane, Nancy outlines all of the lessons she learned, starting from knowing nothing about the voice over industry to becoming a professional voice over actor in 9 months. Available on Amazon 

Singing 101: Vocal Basics and Fundamental Singing Skills for All Styles and Abilities

Singing 101 is the fastest way to build the fundamental skills to learn how to sing. The book empowers the singer with knowledge, deep understanding, singing tips, and practical application through exercises and techniques showing how to sing. Available on Amazon

Singer's Practice: Plan, Log, and Journal - A Planner for Singing Students

Singer's Practice is the only log and journal of it's kind, created specifically for singing students. It is currently under review by a panel of voice teachers and singing students. It will be available  on Amazon in the spring of 2018.