Speakers Open Mic Night

Polish your speech in a risk-free, supportive environment.

If you want to make sure your speech lands with with your intended audience, and be the catalyst for change that you hope, test it out with a practice audience first. Get experience, Be prepared.


Each speaker receives an assigned time to take the floor to give their speech.

The key to a successful evening is that the other speakers and their guests become a supportive audience.

  • Cost is $30 for 10 minutes of speaking, $60 for 20 minutes
  • Max speech length is 20 min.
  • Any PG-13 topic is appropriate
  • Any level of experience is welcome
  • Advance sign-up required   
  • Guests are welcome at no charge
  • Speakers will be announced with a bio which they provide
  • If using tech please bring everything needed to hook up to Vibe's HDMI TV Input
  • There will be no formal feedback during or after the speeches
  • Speakers and guests are expected to stay for an hour, and are encouraged to stay longer for all of the speakers. In this way every speaker has an audience
  • There won't be a mic - the room is not big enough to need it
  • Speakers are encouraged to video record themselves
  • Permission is required to record others
  • Minimum charge to speak is $30 

Click Here to Sign Up

Speakers will be billed within 48 hours. Speakers must prepay to reserve a spot. 

Email info@studiobos.com with questions.