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Nancy's Experience

Teaching one thing for 24 years, and focusing all of your learning on one thing for 28 years is a long time, right? Without a doubt, Nancy has gained valuable expertise as a singing teacher.. Of course there are lots of excellent voice teachers with similar expertise spread across the world.. But not everyone has access to a master teacher with a love for all styles of singing and all levels of skill. Not every teacher believes that everyone MUST sing.


Nancy's Approach

Nancy believes that singing is core to being human; that every person not only can sing but must sing. Her books and presentations speak directly to the person who feels the need to sing and knows they are being denied a large part of themselves.  She works for the person who feels unfulfilled and knows that singing will help fulfill them..


It’s More Than Nancy

 Nancy shares her passion for helping others through podcasts, blogs, books, voiceover, performing, presentations and lecturing. She creates resources through StudioBos Media to help everyone explore, experience, and level up with singing in their own lives. In her books she utlizes the skills of other specialized teachers to fill in gaps with amazing knowledge. In her Every Sing podcast she shares the mic with guests from every aspect of singing. Nancy is bringing the world of singing to you.

For more about bringing out your own voice, visit her website for singers.


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