Voice to Vox Voiceover Podcast

Voice to Vox, playable below, is an audio blog (aka podcast) humorously chronically my journey from nothing to dang! Not only do I talk about skills and networking, I cover a lot of equipment, too. Listen and enjoy. And if you want to read it in print instead (I don’t know why you would - but it takes all kinds), you’ll find it under the title and nom de plume Natalie Lane’s Journey to Becoming a Voice Artist on Amazon.

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Voice to Vox Podcast

The 9 episodes are all available here, through Sound Cloud. You might notice some missing tracks, 8, 9, and 10. Those tracks were complete chapters of the motivation for my journey, Dire Wolf. Contact me directly to receive the complete audiobook for free.


Voice Over Demo Tracks

Nancy's voice over demo tracks are available for you here through Soundcloud.

Nancy's warm, professional, and comforting voice acting has been heard in narration, educational videos, explainer videos, commercials, and various podcasts, such as True Stress Management.

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